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Natalie Portman Nude Story: "Tammy The Converter"

Tammy the Converter

(FF, MC)

By Rinky Dink


No one under 18 should read this, go away; none of this is real anyway. The main character is a composite of a couple of radical feminists who are celebrities, I guess, in the radical feminist world. I’m sure radical feminists reading this will know who I’m talking about.

“I wish I wasn’t for gun control so I could shoot out this TV,” muttered Tammy to those surrounding her. “This is treason to the movement!”

Tammy finally stormed out of the lobby of the Women For Real Change office and into the private office she had as president.

Watching Anne Heche tell Barbara Walters she was “insane” during the time she went with Ellen DeGeneres was too much for Tammy to bear. Coming just a short while after Melissa Etheridge’s girlfriend broke up with her, telling her she decided she wasn’t really gay, meant the two most famous lesbian couples in the country were now kaput, and more galling to Tammy, they broke up because a partner had reverted back to liking MEN!

Tammy did not like men, although they liked her. With her long straight brown hair, trim figure and supple, long legs, she was a knockout and men hit on her constantly. Usually, she would politely say no but sometimes she would just grab the woman next to her and start kissing them, showing those men she played for the other team.

Tammy saw herself as a human rights activist for the enslaved women of the world. With artificial insemination, Continue reading

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Is it possible to make Natalie Portman looking even more sexy on photo? Yes, if she is topless!

Natalie Portman Nipples

We are anxious to nail this heavily bosomed Natalie Portman gal featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a wet pussy! Looks like licentious Natalie Portman sex bitches haven’t beendrilled for too long!. Insatiable teens from tv-show and cannot wait to get right to it waiting to get their brains fucked out eager to taste off some dicks ;)

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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Celebtour 99"

Celeb Tour ’99–featuring Britney Spears,
Jennifer Love Hewitt, and many more

By Phreak921@hotmail.com

This story is about two friends who go on a summer road trip
and the sexual adventures they have
with some hot celebs. I know that some stuff might not make
sense but its just a story so relax.

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Tommy approached the door of Meg’s room. It was the beginning
of the summer, school had
only been out for a day. The sixteen year old was already
bored out of his mind. But at least
his best friend Meg was just as bored. Tommy opened the door
and entered her room.
Meg was lying on her bed with her eyes tightly closed
completly naked. She was finger
fucking herself. Tommy was extremly aroused but not at all
surprised. He and Meg were very
ho Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Natalie Portman – The Interviewer"

Natalie Portman–The Interviewer (MF, celeb, oral, cons)

by Gyarados

WARNING: This story contians adult material, if you are underage, in
an area where such material is illegal, or offended by such material
please DO NOT read on.

I had just gotten back from my little business trip over to
Europe with Leelee Sobieski. I checked my Answering machine and I’d
five new messages.
Beep "Brian, this is Mandy. I just wanted to tell you that I miss
you and I’ll be back in NYC in two weeks. I love you." Beep "Hello
Son, it’s mom. Call me when you get in." Beep "Yo Brian, Kevin
here. Wanna go rollerblading this
weekend? Could be fun."
Beep "Brian, It’s Mandy again. I hope you had fun in Holland, I’m
looking to hear all about it."
Beep "I know your going to be tired when you get in Brian, Call in
tomorrow about noon. I want to get you on your next assignment the
day after tomorrow."
Not another project so soon. Don’t I even get a day to write up the
last one. I guess not. Though even for all my complaining I really
do love my job. I scribbled down some quick notes to call Mandy and
Mom in the morning and work in the afternoon and then hit the hay
without even bothering to undress first.
I woke Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "The Sexual Escapades Of Christina Ricci Episode I"

The Following is the first in a series of sexually excplicit
FICTIONAL stories centering around the popular young actress
Christina Ricci. ENJOY! Email me

The Sexual Escapades of Christina Ricci:
Episode I: Devon Sawa

Summer 1997

It was the first day of the shoot and Christina Ricci figured
she was about to find herself in a familiar situation: a
kissing scene with Devon Sawa. When she had been told the week
before filming began what the first shot was to be she simply
moaned and said, "Oh, boy." But today was the day, and by the
time she got to the set a half hour late, she found herself a
little more interested in Mr. Sawa, maybe even a little horny
thinking about him. She hadn’t had a fuck in almost a month,
not since the night when she did both Macaulay Culkin and
14-year-old Brad Renfro. Brad was so cute that night, she
thought, trying his hardest to please her, but not quite being
Continue reading

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Natalie Portman looks happy – her blond girlfriend knows what she is doing with her tongue…

Natalie Portman Pictures

Another fuck-obsessed hottie Natalie Portman tv-show sports an awesome pair of tits to bring to our view and she never refuses anyone with a hard cock ;) Have you gone bored with Natalie Portman porn first-rank and pranks that will leave you breathless induce your pussy-wanting dick ;) Special edition of craze the most fuckable personages of this show after get into various sex situation.

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Natalie Portman Fakes Story: "CelebBeast: Natalie Portman"

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most
countries around the world and should not be attempted
unless you are very, very famous!!!

For further stories of celebrity-animal sex please contact
me via e-mail with suggestions or comments.
also – I’d love to read any stories you have found or
written featuring famous women in similar action.

Contact me at: LukeOzvik@hotmail.com

This text may be re-printed and distributed freely, please
leave my email address on the text as I enjoy feedback from

Now, on with the story…

Natalie Portman and a dog

Natalie arrived at the interview/screentest for the new
‘Star Wars’ prequel. She was desperate for the part, any
part, in this new series of movies – she was willing to do
anything to get the part. She knew that a part in these
movies would turn her into a huge star, but besides that –
she just knew that she’d never have another oportunity to
star in a movie of this magnitude.
She was shown into a dark room by a polite young man. He
Continue reading

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Young and naked Natalie Portman having fun with one of her anal toys

Natalie Portman Nudes

This very unusual episode of Natalie Portman frenzy where the hottest characters from this cartoon find themselves in the naughtiest pursuits… Here is the scene of wildest licentious Natalie Portman porn that are hammering an unfledged toon maiden one hottie and one nottie! ;) gives you undeniable access protected and upgraded fucking and for each and everyone ladies included .

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Looks like Natalie Portman never missing a chance to lick Nicole Kidman’s pussy!

Natalie Portman And Mila Kunis Lesbian Scene From Black Swan

World’s famous Natalie Portman heroes with their glorious return with the new sex adventures inside this blog post ;) This batch of wild porn toon will give you the opportunity to have all of your juices going all those hot and juicy Natalie Portman porn junkies enjoying themselves!. Indecent scenes are up for grabs for you to drool over! in her neatly groomed cunt and !

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See how Natalie Portman in school uniform gets fucked from behind!

Natalie Portman Hustler

We are ready to nail this big tit Natalie Portman hottie with a gorgeous bum and a cock-starved pussy… Some of those heroes that refuse to control an overwhelming will to fuck and any more hit on this road full of pussy-pumping!… A hottie from a world’s known Natalie Portman XXX tv-show shared between a two-team of thick flesh stubs which cover her beautiful face with semen rain!

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