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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Journal Of An Agent Ch 30 The Finale"

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Natalie Portman Fakes Story: "Eyes Wide Shut 2"

Posted by Deep Inside Lizzie on July 04, 2001 at 08:03:45:

Hi-This is something I worked on a few years ago when Eyes Wide Shut came out. It’s got just about everything(m/f, f/f, m/m, orgy, teen, whips n stuff) so if you are offended by shit like that (you fuckin’ pussy), don’t read it.Just that easy. In retrospect, the only thing I would like to have seen was Charlotte Church…and maybe theOlsen Twins…so, if anyone wants to expand my little tail (snicker, snicker), go right ahead. Otherwise, enjoy (andemail me if ya like it).DIL

Eyes Wide Shut II
Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman
Leelee Sobieski

With appearances from (In order of appearance):
Jennifer Love Hewitt, 20
Britney Spears, 17
Denise Richards, 27
Anna Kournikova, 18
Racquel Darrian, 31
Charisma Carpenter, 29
Tyra Banks, 26
Katie Holmes, 20
Jennifer Lopez, 29
Salma Hayek, 33
Tia Mowry, 21
Tamera Mowry, 21
Alyssa Milano, 27
Mila Kunis, 16
Lacey Chabert, 16
Natalie Portman, 18
Sarah Michelle Gellar, 23
Shania Twain, 34
Kirsten Dunst, 17
Danielle Fishel, 18
Neve Campbell, 26

Part 1Stanley had completely made himself over.

His long, gray, beard was no more, which was strange since he had not felt his bare chin in years. His hair colorwas now a jet back as opposed to the gray it had been just months before. He had even had a touch of plasticsurgery to cover his famous features. A longer chin. A new nose. And, of course, they had taken care of theman’s wrinkles. Quite nicely, too. Though Stanley felt his 75 years, he looked barely 55 again. It’s amazing what money would buy. He smiled at himself. My God, he was enjoying himself. He sipped on his pinacolada and sat in the sun, shirtless. The Caribbean, he thought, would be good to him.

Two d Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Brave New Interviewer 15"

Brave New Interviewer 15: Interlude With An Agent

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. It helps ifyou’ve readCarnage Jackson’s terrific “Journal of an Agent” series, specifically chapter15. Thanks toCarnage for letting me use his characters and such. Enjoy.

I usually do “fluff stuff” as I call it, just quiz celebrities on theirfilms. Sure, it usually leadsto some fun (as anyone who’s been reading these can attest to) but for the mostpart, all I’m sentto do is just to talk about a movie, a show, some personal stuff, that’s all. Idon’t generally getinto major news stuff. Until now.

The news had hit and hit big. Natalie Portman, star of the new “Star Wars”films andbudding beauty, had been held at gunpoint along with her agent, Dean, by Dean’sex-lover andsecretary, a deranged woman who actually murdered his limo driver right beforehis eyes. She hadtaken Dean and Natalie to Dean’s home, undoubtedly to kill them both but Deanmanaged todistract and disarm her.

The story had been getting big buzz for the sheer danger of it all, Natalieso close to deathand an escape that not even the most contrived screenplay would create. Thesecretary herselfwas in jail but it was doubtful she would be seen to be fit to stand trial andwould probably becommitted to a mental institution for the criminally insane.

One thing that amazed people after the furor died down was that Nataliecontinued tokeep Dean on as her agent. Many assumed she would want to get the hell away fromhim Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Hustler

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Natali Portman is going to take a shower… want to join her?

Natalie Portman Black Swan Sex Scene

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Natalie Portman Pics

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Natalie Portman on the floor… with no pants and her top lifted up!

Natalie Portman Fakes

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Hollywood Sex Files: Natalie Portman

Hollywood Sex Files

By: The Observer


Everybody knows about Hollywood. You know,
that place in L.A. where most of today’s hottest
celebrities live. But little do they know about the
sex, lies, and games going inside the under belly of
this city filled with rumors and built by lies. I, the
Observer, will take you on a tour through this
so-called city of the stars. But I most warn you all,
these stories are all purely fictional. If you truly
believe in them, then congratulations my friend, You
are now considered a professional Screwball.

Part I- The Birthday Gift

In Hollywood, some things are just better
left alone. Let’s take for example the birthday party
of Britney Spears. You see, our man Michael, had a bad
habit of sticking his nose into other people’s
business. As soon as he heard of the surprise
“birthday” party they were throwing for a certain
celebrity, he was immediately interested. He soon
found out that that celebrity was Britney Spears. He
then called some of his “friends” and asked them for a
few favors. When the day finally came he was all
prepared. He drove to the indicated address and then
walked up to the front door of the one of the many
“rest houses” of the sensational Pop Princess. When
he reached the entrance, the guard stopped him. “Yo
buddy. Let’s see an I.D.” the guard said. He showed
him his forged I.D. and the guard bought it. When he
got in, he saw that there were only three women and a
whole lot of men. And he also noticed that the three
women were today’s hottest stars. There was Sarah
Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman, and Denise Richards.

When every guest arrived, the party started.
Soon every one was but naked. They then positioned the
three beauties side by side and the men started
fucking them. Thirteen men were probing every inch of
Denise Richards. On the other side, Sarah Michelle
Gellar was giving head to one guy while the rest of
t Continue reading

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