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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Journal Of An Agent Ch 30 The Finale"

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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Natalie Portman – The Interviewer"

Natalie Portman–The Interviewer (MF, celeb, oral, cons)

by Gyarados

WARNING: This story contians adult material, if you are underage, in
an area where such material is illegal, or offended by such material
please DO NOT read on.

I had just gotten back from my little business trip over to
Europe with Leelee Sobieski. I checked my Answering machine and I’d
five new messages.
Beep "Brian, this is Mandy. I just wanted to tell you that I miss
you and I’ll be back in NYC in two weeks. I love you." Beep "Hello
Son, it’s mom. Call me when you get in." Beep "Yo Brian, Kevin
here. Wanna go rollerblading this
weekend? Could be fun."
Beep "Brian, It’s Mandy again. I hope you had fun in Holland, I’m
looking to hear all about it."
Beep "I know your going to be tired when you get in Brian, Call in
tomorrow about noon. I want to get you on your next assignment the
day after tomorrow."
Not another project so soon. Don’t I even get a day to write up the
last one. I guess not. Though even for all my complaining I really
do love my job. I scribbled down some quick notes to call Mandy and
Mom in the morning and work in the afternoon and then hit the hay
without even bothering to undress first.
I woke Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Ass

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Of Human bondage: A Natalie Portman Story

Of Human Bondage: A Natalie Portman Story

by Maniac

Disclaimer: This is fiction. FICTION. This did not happen, in other words. It is ultimately satire and parody of a
rather lewd kind, but still protected by that ever useful First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If you are under
the age of majority in your jurisdiction, cease and desist. You are not considered old enough to be reading this. In
any case, enjoy.

I’m an engineer. Don’t fall asleep on me yet, please. I’m an odd sort, having done my degree in chemistry and
chemical engineering, then found a really cool job with a high powered drug firm doing studies of drug transport in
the body. People will always be sick, I figured, so I should go with a good plan when I see it. Anyway, since I’m
still reasonably young, one of the things they have me do is college recruiting since they figure I can relate to the
kids nowadays. I’m in my late 20s, so I’m hardly out to pasture.

Anyway, I made a recruiting trip up through New England earlier this year, hitting all the required schools (Cornell,
MIT, RPI, etc.). I hit Harvard only due to the fact one of our former interns was there, a guy by the name of
Bobby. A rather cool guy, although regarded strangely since he was an Ivy Leaguer. Yes, in engineering, the Ivy
League is not that great excluding Cornell and Columbia in certain regards. But my bosses liked him as did the rest
of us, so I got to do the official recruiting interview.

“So, what are you doing tonight, Dave?” Bobby asked.

“I was planning on visiting some friends over at MIT in grad school, but if you have a better plan, let’s hear it,” I
said Continue reading

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