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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Brave New Interviewer 15"

Brave New Interviewer 15: Interlude With An Agent

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. It helps ifyou’ve readCarnage Jackson’s terrific “Journal of an Agent” series, specifically chapter15. Thanks toCarnage for letting me use his characters and such. Enjoy.

I usually do “fluff stuff” as I call it, just quiz celebrities on theirfilms. Sure, it usually leadsto some fun (as anyone who’s been reading these can attest to) but for the mostpart, all I’m sentto do is just to talk about a movie, a show, some personal stuff, that’s all. Idon’t generally getinto major news stuff. Until now.

The news had hit and hit big. Natalie Portman, star of the new “Star Wars”films andbudding beauty, had been held at gunpoint along with her agent, Dean, by Dean’sex-lover andsecretary, a deranged woman who actually murdered his limo driver right beforehis eyes. She hadtaken Dean and Natalie to Dean’s home, undoubtedly to kill them both but Deanmanaged todistract and disarm her.

The story had been getting big buzz for the sheer danger of it all, Natalieso close to deathand an escape that not even the most contrived screenplay would create. Thesecretary herselfwas in jail but it was doubtful she would be seen to be fit to stand trial andwould probably becommitted to a mental institution for the criminally insane.

One thing that amazed people after the furor died down was that Nataliecontinued tokeep Dean on as her agent. Many assumed she would want to get the hell away fromhim Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Fakes Story: "CelebBeast: Natalie Portman"

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most
countries around the world and should not be attempted
unless you are very, very famous!!!

For further stories of celebrity-animal sex please contact
me via e-mail with suggestions or comments.
also – I’d love to read any stories you have found or
written featuring famous women in similar action.

Contact me at:

This text may be re-printed and distributed freely, please
leave my email address on the text as I enjoy feedback from

Now, on with the story…

Natalie Portman and a dog

Natalie arrived at the interview/screentest for the new
‘Star Wars’ prequel. She was desperate for the part, any
part, in this new series of movies – she was willing to do
anything to get the part. She knew that a part in these
movies would turn her into a huge star, but besides that –
she just knew that she’d never have another oportunity to
star in a movie of this magnitude.
She was shown into a dark room by a polite young man. He
Continue reading

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