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Natalie Portman Fakes Story: "Ballerinas Of Darkness: Congratulations, Girls! – Chapter 3"

Congratulations, Girls! by Dark Genesis (

In a small bar, where anyone doesn’t go without a very good reason, four girls were sitting in a table. They only came here because they could be left alone for a while; Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman and Julie Bowen.

“So… how’re things going between you and Kiki?” Asked Sarah and finished her beer. Natalie glanced at her and responded, “You know, the usual. The same as with most of my friends, how about you ‘n Damon?” “I dunno… suppose he’s gone again, like he always does, but that’s not exactly the news of the year.”

Reese sighed, “I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” She left the table. “She hasn’t really done anything yet, I think we should hook her up with someone, don’t you?” Whispered Sarah. “I don’t think so, she’s still mourning after, you-know-who, and she won’t touch anyone else before she gets it.” Responded Julie.

“She’s on tour now, and won’t settle down for a while now. We should cheer Reese up somehow.”

“But how? I don’t think a look-alike will do any good here.” “And we won’t get the original either.” Sarah and Julie pointed out. “I’m not saying we should get HER, I’m saying there are substitutes for everything, don’t you think?” Said Nat. Reese walked out of the bathroom. As she sat down, Nat opened a up a conversation.

“Say, there’s this new place down in the beach… it’s a hotel of some sort.” Reese looked at her looking confused. “I mean, it’s a really popular place, where all the rich people, like us g Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Naked Story: "Natalie Portman – The Interviewer"

Natalie Portman–The Interviewer (MF, celeb, oral, cons)

by Gyarados

WARNING: This story contians adult material, if you are underage, in
an area where such material is illegal, or offended by such material
please DO NOT read on.

I had just gotten back from my little business trip over to
Europe with Leelee Sobieski. I checked my Answering machine and I’d
five new messages.
Beep "Brian, this is Mandy. I just wanted to tell you that I miss
you and I’ll be back in NYC in two weeks. I love you." Beep "Hello
Son, it’s mom. Call me when you get in." Beep "Yo Brian, Kevin
here. Wanna go rollerblading this
weekend? Could be fun."
Beep "Brian, It’s Mandy again. I hope you had fun in Holland, I’m
looking to hear all about it."
Beep "I know your going to be tired when you get in Brian, Call in
tomorrow about noon. I want to get you on your next assignment the
day after tomorrow."
Not another project so soon. Don’t I even get a day to write up the
last one. I guess not. Though even for all my complaining I really
do love my job. I scribbled down some quick notes to call Mandy and
Mom in the morning and work in the afternoon and then hit the hay
without even bothering to undress first.
I woke Continue reading

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Great photo of Natalie Portman showing her tits while being fucked from behind!

Natalie Portman Porn

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Take a look at hot naked Natalie Portman with two lesbian girlfriends!

Natalie Portman Closer

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Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley – two hot celebrities for one lucky bastard!

Natalie Portman Sexy

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Naughty photos of Natalie Portman with naked tits

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See how naked Natalie Portman makes a blowjob standing on her knees

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Nude Natalie Portman taking sun baths – she is hot!

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Natalie Portman wellcomes cock in her pussy

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